2007 News!!!

12/11/07 Participated in a motion capture panel for the Digital Medial Alliance of Florida (DMAF) that took place at Full Sail. The panelist included Corey Turner from Sony Pictures Imageworks, Jim Jackson from EA, Dave Blackburn from Motion Analysis, Jeffery Michaels from Dave School and myself.

11/26/07 Kris Klein had a very successful visit and presentation to the school. Full Sail students and staff got to hear about Klein’s work on Pixar movies such as Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc.

10/16/07 Michael Sanders from ILM visited Full Sail and talked to the students. The event was extremely successful; we had a full house. Mike got to share his experience in the visual effects industry with attendees. Mike’s credit list is too long to mention, check it out on IMDb.

09/10/07 New material for my website. Check the motion capture breakdown from one of the shots of the CG short I am working on. Also check some examples of the work my students have been doing with motion capture. Enjoy!

08/27/07 Henry Darnell Digital Character Modeling Supervisor at Sony-Imageworks presented to the students last Friday. Attendes got a peak at Henry’s history in the visual effects world. Henry talked about his experience working in maquettes for movies like The Abyss, True Lies and the Rocketeer all the way to his latest work in Open Season and Beowulf.

08/10/07 Siggraph 07 was an incredibly productive conference.
The Motion Builder Master classes by Chad Moore, Brad Clark and Jason Parks where extremely informative.
The MCS meet and greet and the Vicon / XSI / Pendulum party where excellent places to meet some of the luminaries of motion capture.

07/30/07 Demian Gordon, Motion Capture Supervisor at Sony-Imageworks talked to Full Sail’s student body last Friday. The presentation was extremely successful. Demian talked about the history and future of Performance Capture. He also introduced students to the Motion Capture Society.
This is the second consecutive year that Demian visits the school.

07/16/07 Aftenoon Detention and Race Day, two motion capture shorts made by Full Sail students for my Software Technology class have been accepted to the Eureka! Computer Animation Film Festival. The Festival will take place this Saturday July 21st 2007 at 7pm at UCF’s Visual Arts Building Auditorium.

06/04/07 Universal Studios announced a new addition to Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I worked on the pre-vis of one of the rides for this new extension the last part of April (see 04/23/07 post).

05/25/07 Brock Stearn, Lead Lighting Techical Director at Rhythm & Hues  talked to the students last Friday. The auditorium was at full capacity. Brock spoke about Rhythm’s on Superman, Happy Feet, Chronicles of Narnia, etc. He even took time to review some student reels.

04/23/07 Just finished a freelance pre-vis animation project at the Pixel Factory. They are working on a new Universal Studios ride. That is as far as I can say right now because of a non-disclosure agreement.

03/05/07 Shane Cook’s presentation to Full Sail’ student body last Friday was a big success!
Shane is currently working as a 2D Compositor at CIS Hollywood.

02/01/07 Finally! MocapClub.com is now up and running. It’s been a difficult road but it’s finally published. In it, you will find information about motion capture, tutorials, challenges even a motion capture library to download for free. Enjoy!!!
This project could not have been possible without the generous help of the Motion Capture Society so be sure to check them out!

01/05/07 I will be teaching an Introduction to Animation seminar at Otronicon 2007 at the Orlando Science Center. My Clases will take place Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Saturday the 20th from 2pm to 4pm.