2008 News!!!

11/17/08 A few of my collegues from Full Sail and I worked togueter on a submission for the November VFX Wars challenge from CG Talk. You can check it out on my CG Work section. This project was really fun because I got to combine motion capture with hand animation for a non-organic element. I will try and post animation breakdowns very soon.

07/25/08 Here is a Sneak Peek at the animated short that I am about to finish. Any feedback on it is highly welcomed. Let me know what you think!

01/18/08 to 01/21/08 I will be presenting for the 2nd year in a row at the Orlando video game Convention Otronicon. This year I will be focusing mainly on motion capture and animation for video games.

01/08/08 to 01/12/08 I was in England participating as a leader side by side with world-renowned composers Nitin Sawhney and Sandra Kerr for the project Northumberland Rising.
The project was created to foster creative thinking among teachers and artists from the area in order to make them aware of new technologies that can facilitate the creative process. The teachers and artists will be able to pass on that knowledge to the young people of Northumberland and inspire them to create.
I met a lot of fascinating people in this event and I look forward to the projects they are going to be able to create with the young people of the area in the near future.
I was invited to talk about how I use motion capture for my creative process.
One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity of working with Nitin and Sandra in an impromptu collaborative project that included motion capture and a live music performance based on traditional music of Northumberland.