2009 News!!!

12/17/09 I am on Twitter now. Here is the profile for those that want to follow me: http://twitter.com/RicardoTobon

12/15/09 I got the opportunity to interview Naughty Dog’s Cinematics Animation Lead, Josh Scherr about the motion capture techniques they used on the Uncharted franchise. Read the interview at mocapclub.com.

09/02/09 I got accepted into the Motion Capture Society. This is a big milestone for my career since the MCS has such high standards for its membership process!

07/03/09 This week I will be attending Siggraph in New Orleans! I am looking forward to checking the latest's advancements in the computer graphics industry.

02/29/09 The results for the CGSociety’s Steampunk Myths and Legends challenge have been announced. “Flight of Icarus” got awarded the “Best Sculpture” prize.
This challenge was a great adventure! We learned a lot during the past few months. My team and I feel incredibly honored by the recognition that the short has received from the CG community.
We are humbled by the quality of the others participants submission, this competition was full of extremely talented people and we are very happy to have had the chance to participate in it!

02/03/09 Some colleagues and I decided to participate in the CGSociety’s SteamPunk Myths And Legends challenge. We are participating with a story based on the myth of Icarus. Click here for some production stills from the short, and go to the CG Work section of a breakdown of the motion capture for the piece.
Although we already submitted the short to the competition, we are planning on making some enhancements to it. I look forward to have the final version of the short by late 09.