2010 News!!!

12/01/10 Ricardo’s animated film entitled “Holy Shot” has been selected as an official selection for the 2010 Boston Latino International Film Festival. The short will be screened on Saturday December 4th at 7:30pm!

11/21/10 Ricardo's new Director reel is available on HD on Vimeo. Check it out!

08/22/10 Ricardo's Rock Trooper is finally available on HD on YouTube.

07/27/10 Ricardo's 2010 Animation / Mocap reel is now available at Vimeo.

07/22/10 Ricardo's Latest Mocap / Animation short "Rock Trooper" has been selected as a finalist for the Atom Films Star Wars Fan Film Challenge. You can vote for the short at: http://www.atom.com/channel/channel_star_wars.

06/24/10 Ricardo directed a new animated/Mocap short named "Rock Trooper" for the Atom Films Star Wars Fan Film Challenge. Finalist for the challenge will be announced in the next few weeks.

05/15/10 Ricardo's book “The Mocap Book: A practical Guide to the Art of Motion Capture”, is finally available on Amazon, Google Books, MocapClub and Foris Force. The book is been used as a guide text in a few mocap courses.

02/06/10 - 02/06/10 A Ricardo Tobon’s mocap / CG animated short titled “Holy Shot” is going to be participating as an official selection in competition for the Savannah International Animation Festival. Ricardo will be attending the festival and giving a talk on the convergence of motion capture and traditional animation.

02/03/10 A still from “Holy Shot”, Ricardo's latest mocap / CG animated short made the cover of “Connect Savannah” both on print and online.

01/24/10 Ricardo's article about digital performers and motion capture made first page of "Generación", the Sunday supplement of “El Colombiano”, a prominent publication in South America.

01/15/10 - 01/18/10 Mr. Tobon returns to Otronicon this year. This time besides teaching a course at the conference, he was in charge of designing the whole game animation curriculum for the event.

01/03/10 Ricardo Tobon's short film "Flight of Icarus" has been invited to be apart of The Phantasmagoria SteamPunk Short Film Festival taking place on Second Life this month.